OMG.. the Big Move

“The world as we have created, it is a process of our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

Yes, we did it. This was the hardest decision of my life (including marriage decision…yes Mr Lamba).
18 months back, I made the decision to quit my secure government job to start my online business. And I thought that was hard….

Those of who you know me know that I never took risks in my life. I would not even go to a movie or a restaurant without reading the reviews.

And now, I am taking the biggest risk of my life…

Something that started as a one-off comment, “I hate cold”, planted a seed in our minds, which grew into a tree of dreams.  Seven years ago, I made a comment that I wish I could live somewhere warm, and then we laughed it off.  Who knew it would come true one day?

We thought it was impossible. Excuses were:

  • We own 2 houses here.
  • My husband has his job.
  • Our son is comfortable in his school.
  • We have a perfect picket fence lifestyle.
  • We can’t just pick up and move.

But the dream kept growing bigger and bigger. And of course, the Calgary weather of -40 degrees C definitely contributed to it.

Also, my online business taught me to take risks in life. It taught me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. It taught me to question the “normal” world around me. It taught me to not fit into the boxes created by this society.

And that’s when I changed my looking glass and saw my 2 houses as just mortgages, not assets (did I mention my husband is the one who listens to freakonomics).

My husband’s job is just to pay bills. He doesn’t even like it as much, especially when he has to be away from family. There are other ways bills can be paid.

Yes, my son loves his school, but how do we know he wouldn’t love the new school, unless we try.
I was kind of done with the picket fence (not the labor union one..silly !). I want to live outside this fence.

So, we are MOVING… not just to another house, or another city… But, another COUNTRY.
I still can’t believe it, but we are doing it. COSTA RICA – here comes the Lamba family…

51 days from today, we will be living our new dream life.
The house is on the market – hopefully, we can sell it.
OMG… 51 days, to wrap up everything we have created over the last 12 years of our marriage, and pack our whole life into 5 pieces of luggage (yes, that includes my shoes… another hard decision coming up)

51 days to sell/donate/throw everything we own (other than things that have emotional value and as long as they can fit in that 5 piece bundle)…
oh guess what, it is actually only 41 days, because the last 10 days would be spent at my cousin’s wedding, which deserves another blog post of its own. I have a love-hate relationship with Indian weddings. They are so much fun, but also tons of work…

Sorry, I digressed…  So 51 days to say goodbye to this chapter and say hello to the new one. Time to create new memories, new dreams, and a brand new life..

Neil was skeptical in the beginning. He said he is happy and sad. Sad because he will miss his friends in school. Happy because he can go to the beach every day. He has never been to Costa Rica, so I had to show him google earth view of where we will live. And he loves what he sees.

I also brainwashed him a little. He loves snow, so I played some mind games… LOL

Me: How long do you think you can play outside in snow in -40 degrees Celsius?
Neil: 1 hour
Me: Are you sure? You never play more than 20 minutes…
Neil: Ok, 20 minutes.
Me: Now imagine, you can play outside as much as you want in Costa Rica.

And I got him (LOL). Don’t tell anyone I did that. Now, he proudly tells everyone that we are moving because we don’t like snow (evil smile on my face).

I am so happy that I have a very adaptable child. He is a curious little boy who is very open to new adventures. And that makes me very excited for his future; the world is at his fingertips. He is learning to take risks at a young age.

I will be sharing our journey here on this blog with all the struggles, challenges, and fun stuff…

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Love and Sunshine

OMG.. the Big Move