Why I Became An Entrepreneur

I had never thought that one day I will be an entrepreneur. In fact, I always looked at other business owners and thought they lived a crazy life. They were always working either physically or mentally.

I loved the fact that I can just go to my job (9 to 5), come home and forget all about it.
I got a paycheque twice a month, benefits, and 3 weeks of vacation. No worrying about business expenses, revenue, marketing, odd hours, staff etc.

And here I am an entrepreneur running my own business. What changed? It definitely didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t wake up one morning and decided that I want to be an entrepreneur.

I entered the adult world working as a radio broadcaster. I loved being creative, being on-air, copywriting, and I loved the people I worked with. But I remember that I did not like the other aspects of my job – I had to ask for a day off or an hour off for a doctor appointment. Since it was my first real job, I thought maybe this happens only in the media world because THE SHOW MUST GO ON…

The entrepreneur seed was sown when I left my fun radio broadcaster job and joined an administrative position with a non-profit organization. The people were amazing and the flexibility was great, but, I did not enjoy my work. The creative side of me did not like the boring repetitive work.

I still never thought of pursuing entrepreneurship. I just decided to go back to school and upgrade my education. My education provided me the fulfillment I was seeking. But, now I ended up in a job that was not only boring and repetitive, but also inflexible. I was stuck at a desk for 8 hours even if there was nothing to do. There was no room for creativity or self-worth.

As the schooling came to an end, the sense of personal growth and fulfillment was gone. I realized I need more than a paycheque, benefits and job security. Money is a motivator only up to a point. You need a sense of purpose, meaning and growth. And I was on a plateau – no growth, no learning, no purpose or fulfillment.

Everything was telling me it was time to grow and move on. It was time to take things in my own hand. I was done depending on others for fulfillment. It was time to share my special gift with this world. There must be something that would give me the passion to wake up every morning with energy and hope.

If the theory of evolution is right, then we should die after reproducing or after raising our kids. Have you ever wondered why we keep living? Because it’s not only about biological evolution; it’s also about the mental evolution. We need to pass on our knowledge and experience to the next generation. And that’s what entrepreneurship meant to me – to do something I love, to share my knowledge, to share and spread my message, and to help others realize their true purpose.

This blog is my attempt to pass on that knowledge and experience to those who can benefit. I am very lucky to have created my dream lifestyle, which has given me the independence to work from wherever I want and spend more time with my family. I have also made it my mission to teach others how they can follow their dreams.

I am now a digital entrepreneur. I would love to tell you that it has been an easy ride, but then I would be lying. Being an entrepreneur is like being on a never stopping roller coaster, but I am loving every part of this ride. Entrepreneurship has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world – a world where I am being challenged everyday by my own mind, a world where I am always competing with my own old version, and a world where I am growing every day and every passing moment.

Why I Became An Entrepreneur