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First ever Self Love Journal

for South Asian women

Losing her mom at a very young age, Sunny always believed she wasn’t worthy of love until she became a life coach. She realized in order to help her clients, she has to stop the critical voice inside her own head. 

Sunny embarked on her self-love journey in 2016 and realized that hearing words like kaali (dark skin) or choti (short) while growing up had really impacted her self-worth. She started journaling and very soon found out that most journals don’t address the challenges she has faced as a South Asian women.

In her journal, she asks the questions every South Asian woman is struggling with and helps you find the answers from within. This journal will help you overcome people pleasing, self-criticism, self-judgement, and self-doubt.


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what’s inside:

“The most practical guide to self-love for women you’ll come across!

I have seen Sunny evolve as an amazing, kindhearted, highly committed and most of all a super authentic life coach.
This journal is a result of her passion for excellence and untiring commitment towards becoming a better version of one’s own self. In most ways it’s her own life lessons gathered over time which she shares to help women take that first step to being happy.

It is well researched, thoughtfully curated and covers all facets of ups and downs especially for South Asian women given the cultural nuances of our part of the world. I just love the structure and self-discipline it provides to not only pen down thoughts but also leverage the variety of exercises, techniques and practical learnings outlined for all stages and situations in life. 

A great perspective change offering for every woman for its uniqueness, simplicity, relevance, and comprehension.”

“I absolutely loved it! Amazing work creating this journal. Some of the words written hit the right spot – so true and relatable.”
“Every South Asian woman should use this journal. I could relate to every word in here as if I was reading my own story. It addresses all the challenges I face every day. Thank You for creating this!”
“Wow! This journal is just what I needed in my life. I always wondered why I felt unworthy and why my brain kept telling me that I wasn’t good enough. I love that the journal is not just questions but also includes reasons behind our feelings. I now understand how my South Asian upbringing has contributed to my feelings of unworthiness. Thank You for writing this!”
“Very well written covering all key areas of our life that are helpful to connect us with our own self, leading us to Self Love. The worksheets & journal are also very helpful for the readers on this journey. It’s a well written & well designed book. I fully recommend it to the readers.”
“Not just well-researched but also beautifully designed. I love the graphics and colours. The self love exercises are very helpful for me to incorporate in my daily life.”

Meet the author

Sunny Lamba

Sunny Lamba is a certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and host of ‘Flawthentic Me’ podcast. She is the author of “Flawthentic Me: Self-Love journal for South Asian Women”. She is an advocate of self-love for women through her podcast and social media platforms. Her areas of expertise include self-love, self-image transformation, behavioural change, habit formation, and high performance. 

She lost her mom at the age of 14 when she became a mini-mother to her two younger siblings, failing over and over because she thought motherhood was dressing them up in funny clothes, making weird hairstyles, and playing imaginary games in which they were all super rich. She struggled with her own feelings of unworthiness and tied her self-worth to making others happy. Throughout her life, she has fought repeated patterns of people pleasing and putting everyone’s needs before her own.

Since 2016, she has been on her own self-love journey that inspired her to quit her job and follow her passion of helping other women love themselves and follow their dreams.